Snowkey Industrial Process Containerized Chillers

Design condition of ICW Concrete Cooling Systems:Max. Temperature: 60; Wet-bulb temperature: 30;Water-in temperature: 46; Water-out temperature: 0.5Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz; Run time: 24hoursRefrigerant: R22\\R404A\\R717Standard configuration of ICW Concrete Cooling Systems1\\outside is standard white 20/40 feet new container;

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Design condition of ICW Concrete Cooling Systems:
Max. Temperature: 60; Wet-bulb temperature: 30;
Water-in temperature: 46; Water-out temperature: 0.5
Power supply: 3P/380V/50Hz; Run time: 24hours
Refrigerant: R22\R404A\R717
Snowkey Industrial Process Containerized Water Chiller Plant

Standard configuration of ICW Concrete Cooling Systems
1\outside is standard white 20/40 feet new container; Inside is decorated with air conditioner, illumination and aluminum alloy floor;
2\refrigerating compressor unit is semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor;
3\evaporative condenser with double speed fan;
4\the 1st and 2ND stage is highly effective stainless steel plate heat exchanger or shell and tube evaporator;
5\the 3rd stage is stainless steel immersion plate heat exchanger with air pump;
6\necessary refrigeration system control, protect components and refrigeration pipeline connection;
7\valves and subcooling backwater pump of water line system inside with flow indication and low water flow alarm indication;
8\electrical control components and electric box with operator interface for displaying the five stage water temperature;
9\raw water tank and cold water tank level display are optional.
Daily capacityTons/day36607296120156180240312360480576
Ice water flowTons/hr1.52.53456.57.51013152024
Necessary RefigerationKW
Water precoolingKW
Installed Refigeration
Coefficient of surplus--
Total electric powerKW22.536.841.656.766.185.197.6121.6165.8196.8254.9328.9
Container Specification--20'20'20'20'20'20'20'40'40'40'40'40'
Water tank volumem31220243240526080104120160192

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